News from the bowling green

News from the bowling green

Women's Bowls

On Wednesday July 22, another round of Championship Pairs was played:

V Pritchard and M Andrews defeated D Pritchard and J Holstein (22/14)

C Atkins and L Ratcliffe defeated P Standen and V Whatmore (25/13)

J Burley, D Lockwood defeated R Redman, J Carter (18/13)

J Sheely, J Ridgeway defeated J Kriss and J Hurworth (33/9)

Next Wednesday, July 29 will be the semi-finals between:

V Pritchard, M Andrews V C Atkins, L Ratcliffe. J Burley, D Lockwood V J Sheely, J Ridgeway.

The final will be held on August 5.

Men's Bowls

The big winners on Thursday were Kevin Burley, Mike Sheely, John West who dished out a flogging to Lu Urby, Vic Hebblewhite, Terry Davies 35-14, Kevin Everett, Peter Sansom, James Davison def John Andrews, Wayne Groves, Neville Holstein 28-15, Robert Hayes, Nico Duynhoven, Alex Laurie were leading 28-6 against Bob Jones, Col Beattie, Steve Kriss but lost the last six ends to win 28-17, Steve Hurwurth, Neville Atkins, Paul Sheridan def Terry Higgins, George Wisemantel, Jim McIntosh 25-18.

Saturday bowls saw Col Hebblewhite, Gary Spokes combine to narrowly def Lu Urby, Bruce Wilson 20-18, Nico Duynhoven, Terry Davies def Vic Hebblewhite, Neville Atkins 19-14 and in the battle of the sexes Kevin Everett, Mike Sheely, George Wisemantel def Joan Ridgeway, Judy Sheely, Di Lockwood 24-7.

The first round of the triples will be played on August 8 and a large field has already entered to contest this event with entries closing soon.