Some fancy foot work on the soccer pitch

Players are happy to be back in action for the Gloucester competition of soccer. Photo supplied
Players are happy to be back in action for the Gloucester competition of soccer. Photo supplied

Gloucester Soccer Club is back in full swing with the Gloucester competition returning to the pitch.

All the players were eager to get back into action after a delay to the season due to COVID-19.

Here are the results from the games played on Saturday:

LMD Building Services Division 4

Team 1 vs Team 4 - A very close and enjoyable match to watch. Three goals to Mitch Andrews and great support in attack by Jesse Reyes.

A great team effort overall. There was lots of passing and sharing the ball. Everyone has improved out of sight. Well done everyone.

Bucketts Building Division 3

The first game was Team 1 vs Team 2 - It was a very close game, a good solid effort from both teams.

Team 1 demonstrated great passing and team work this week. Thanks to Leni and Ajay for filling in. Final score was 2 goals to 1 with Team 1 taking the win.

Game two was Team 3 vs Team 4 - A great game, team 3 played very well. Team 4 showed a great team effort. Well done Josh, what a performance. Excellent defence Will.

Great communication between players and excellent sportsmanship displayed. Final score was 3 goals to 2 with team 4 taking the win.

Gloucester Farmers Market Division 2

Team 1 vs Team 2 - The score doesn't indicate how close the game was. Both teams showed great team play. Final score was 7 goals to 5 with team 2 taking the win.

Team 3 vs Team 4 - A very even, great game to watch. A bit of work on positions will help both teams. Final score was 4 to 3 going to Team 4.

R & R Property Division 1

Accommodation Gloucester vs Bucketts Building Supplies - This was a close game played in great spirit. Accommodation Gloucesters Jack Yarnold was great in goals as always. Strong attack from James Terras, Sam Ellis and Bethany Hester. Good strong defence from the back.

For Bucketts Building, it was great to have Charles back in goal this week, he made some amazing saves!.

Emily Marsh was solid as a rock at the back and Cameron Badham created heaps of scoring opportunities up front. There is a great team atmosphere, well done everyone.

This year there are only two teams but it is very competitive and good to watch. Final score was 2 goals to 1 going to Bucketts Building Supplies.

A message from the Gloucester Soccer Club:

It is wonderful to see so many parents wanting to help and big smiles on kids faces - thank you everyone.

Draws for each division are now available on the website to download.

See you all next Saturday.