News from the Gloucester Veteran's Golf Club

Another day on the fairway for the veterans

On Tuesday (July 28), a good-sized field turned out to the golf course in dreary conditions with overcast skies, steady light rain, a brisk breeze and a tad slushy underfoot in places. Almost poor enough weather you'd have to say to justify to low scoring and so it proved.

Not so for new Gloucester Veteran's Golf Club member Steve Hurworth, however, the only golfer under par with a net 70 in a stroke round with a putting competition in conjunction. Runner up was Bert Newman with a net score of 73 and it was all downhill from there with the ball competition running down to net 80: Bruce Fraser 76, Phil Hawkins 77, Ian Maggs 78, Mark Stone 79, Mike Howard 79 and Bill Murray with a net 80 at the tail end of the money no doubt celebrating his first day in 18 years without the burdens of captaincy. The putting competition was won by John Herd who had 30 putts in his round.

The day's event was sponsored by Gloucester veteran golfer stalwarts Peter and Roslyn McIntyre.

Each year Gloucester Vets plan a week's tour normally north to catch a bit sunnier weather than might be available locally. Unhappily, this has had to be cancelled because of "you know what". So, the intrepid folk who make up the vet's committee at Gloucester are planning a veteran's week away ... at Gloucester. More news of that in due course.

Some readers may well ask what the difference might be between "golf" and "veteran's golf" apart from age and general decrepitude that is. Whatever non-veteran golfers might say, the truth is that veteran golfers always seem to enjoy themselves more in playing the game.

Next Tuesday's event is an individual Stableford sponsored by the Berecry family.