The latest news from the Gloucester Bowling Club

A field of 34 players participated on the grass green of the Gloucester Bowling Club on Thursday with some very unusual high margins being part of the day.

Lou Urby and Chris Pritchard played a blinder whopping Andrew Henderson and Alex Laurie 39-10, Bob Jones, Terry Davies, Don Mills def Robert Hayes, Jason Collins, Jim McIntosh 37-11, Stacey Groves, Peter Sansom, Luke Doyle def Graham Turnbull, Col Beattie, Peter Bignell 34-10, Kevin Burley, George Wisemantel, Doug Barron (swinging lead) def Bob Charmon, James Davison 25-14, John Andrews, Gary Spokes, Paul Sheridan def Nico Duynhoven, Brian Holstein, Don Meheiloff 26-25 and Kevin Everett, Mike Sheely, Neville Atkins def Steve Hurworth, Peter Jones, Robbie Bowden 17-16.

The first round of the triples championships were played on Saturday with Aaron kelly, Terry Higgins (sub) Phillip Groves def Gary Spokes, Andrew Henderson, Alex Laurie 31-16, Lu Urby, Stacey Groves, Terry Davies had a nail biting victory over Jason Cassidy, Steven Higgins, Bob Jones having to play an extra end after Lu drew the shot to level at 23 all on end 25 to take the match 24-23, Allan Rose, Gordon Pritchard, Mick Butler had a comfortable win over (The Don's team) Don Mehieloff, Terry Carson, Chris Pritchard 41-12, Kevin Burley, George Wisemantel, Graham Turnbull def Nico Duynhoven, Phil Walls, Col Beattie 32-11 and Col Hebblewhite, Bruce Wilson, Peter Sansom (sub) were to strong for Kevin Everett, Mike Sheely, Nevill Atkins 26-16.

The winners backed up on Sunday for the quarter finals which produced some varied results with Kevin Baker getting off the sick bed to lead Bruce Wilson and Col Hebblewhite to a narrow win over Allan Rose, Gordon Pritchard, Mick Butler 24-23 after the losers were leading comfortable at the halfway mark 18-10, Mark Tull, Jason Collins, Peter Jones did not let their opponents Robert Hayes, Steve Hurworth, Steve Kriss get on the board until end 7 which was enough for them to hang on and take victory 18-13, Kevin Burley, George Wisemantel Graham Turnbull struck Lu Urby, Stacey Groves, Terry Davies on a bad haircut day to run out winners 33-18 and John Andrews, Bob Charman, Luke Doyle had a match on their hands at end 22 leading by just one shot against Aaron Kelly, Wayne Groves, Phillip Groves but the old foxes and the young pup John, Bob and Luke steadied the ship to win 26-21.

The semi finals are drawn for Saturday afternoon August 15 with the final to follow on Sunday morning the 16th. The men's fours nomination sheet is on the board so enter your team and please pay your entry fees prior to the draw being completed.