Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group's school holiday programs return - COVID-safe

BWNG had 40 children take part in the first school holiday first aid workshop held in 2018. Photos supplied
BWNG had 40 children take part in the first school holiday first aid workshop held in 2018. Photos supplied

From kids' first aid to sand art, the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group had been offering up some pretty exciting school holiday programs. COVID put a dampener on the April program, but BWNG is back on track and offering workshops these upcoming holidays.

For the past two years, the organisation has run a range of activities across all the school holidays including the summer break. The first workshop they held was kids' first aid.

According to BWNG training services team leader Erin Lute they choose to run a first aid course as a way of helping children be prepared for life's unexpected accidents.

"It was something that we thought would be beneficial for the kids in the school holiday to have some basic skills if they were going to be at the skate park and someone hurt themselves, or were at the river or out bushwalking," Erin said.

Some of the activities offered previously include rock painting, bush art, jewellery making, sand art, plaster art, make your own magnets, make your own dream catcher and paint your own photo frame and mug. Overall, the workshops have been a hit with the children.

"They love it and love being able to make a mess," Erin smiled.

School holiday fun making dream catchers. Photo supplied

School holiday fun making dream catchers. Photo supplied

January was the last time the program ran. Due to COVID-19, the group was unable to run an April school holiday program.

Thanks to the adjustments to some of the restrictions, BWNG is looking to launch a few activities for these upcoming holidays. Macramé with JA and make your own succulent garden and mini terrarium will be on offer this time around. These workshops are open to children aged eight years and up as the activities are a bit technical, however, the workshops are usually open to any school age children from primary through to high school.

Erin believes it's important for BWNG to run school holiday programs not only to help out parents who need to work but also for the social aspect for the children.

"The programs provide some activities for the kids do to in the school holidays, to make new friends and learn new skills, and we love running them," Erin said.

Normally, BWNG would be looking to have volunteers come on board to provide a helping hand, but due to the current restrictions, that's not possible at this time.

To be COVID-safe, BWNG will be running the workshops at the Gloucester Golf Club where there is a covered outdoor area providing extra space.

Each child will be given their own kit of materials with no sharing of materials or equipment allowed.

"We will also not be providing morning tea to reduce the risk of any cross contamination," Erin explained.

For more information, call 6558 2454.