The latest news from the Gloucester Veterans Golf Club

A near perfect day on the fairway

With a cloudless sky and temperatures in the mid-20s is was a near perfect day for golf at the Gloucester Country Club Tuesday last and this was reflected in the scores at the top of the day's leader board for veterans' golf.

The event was an individual stableford sponsored by Dave Mann. Veteran's treasurer Peter Buettel was a runaway winner scoring 39 points a full three points ahead of a generally high performing "pack". There were three golfers in second place with 36 points: captain Derek Bardwell, Tony Burnett and Dale Rabbett. The associated ball competition was also top heavy with six players scoring 34-35 points; best of the ball winners was Bob Kirkup (35) followed by Ian Maggs, Roy Crichton, John Her, Bert Newman and Joost Werz all scoring a creditable 34 points.

There were also a number of "encouragement awards" of homemade kumquat marmalade courtesy of renowned sous chef Bert (Beatrice) Newman with the names of the winners withheld to protect the innocent.

For those who care about such things the variant of stroke play known as stableford was invented by dentist Dr Frank Stableford and was first used in 1936 at the Wallasey Golf Club, Cheshire in the UK on 16 May in 1932. In those days the maximum handicap allowed in a stableford event was the equivalent of one handicap stroke for each hole.