Down the fairway with Gloucester men's and women's golfers

Down the fairway with Gloucester men's and women's golfers

Women's golf

Wednesday was another perfect day for golf. The event for the day was ' a dreaded par' which is one of the more unpopular event on the ladies calendar, however I know some people enjoyed the day.

Thank you to the golf ladies for sponsoring the day. Myrelle Fraser won the day playing under her handicap with a score of +1. Nice round Myrelle. Ball winners were Dale Rabbett square, Jill Carson, Margaret Dunn and Julie Paterson all with -2.Congratulations to Wayne Maddalena and all who were elected to the board on Thursday night.

Men's golf

Our glorious spring weather was halted on Saturday and the predominant stiff breeze felt like it was coming off snow. The testing conditions made for a challenging day out on the course. However, as one pundit put it, it's better than sitting at home.

Our thanks to hard-working board member Peter Markey for organising the day. Pete and his colleagues at Bowe and Lidbury delivered some impressive trophies which were much appreciated and highly sought after. Teams were obviously well balanced on the day because you could have thrown a handkerchief over the scores - only four shots difference between first and last place.

The victorious team exuded wily experience and exuberant youth but many people struggled to find the latter in any of this lot: Wayne Maddalena, Brian Osborne, Doug Blanch and Doug Barron with 59 1/8 nett were crowned B and L champs. Well done lads.

It was particularly pleasing to see Hairy make it through the day without suffering a heart attack from Ferris' backfiring golf cart. At least we assume it was the cart! The team of Shane and Roy Crichton, Tony Lindstrom and Derek Bardwell were unlucky not to take out the top prize with 59 1/2 nett.

Roy's penchant for winning bottles of alcohol of late hasn't been lost on the ironically inclined. Balls also went to the above teams + Bill and Chris Murray, Steve MacDonald and Andrew Lenehan.

Super Seven results from this week: Winner: Tad Parish 18 on a c/b from Peters Buettel and Markey and Doub Blanch. Now that's a hot school! Balls to those 4 lads + B. Hunter and Jim Dunn 15.

Next week is the Monthly Medal for the Arkwood Trophy. Good golfing.