Gloucester High School's Year 12 Formal Assembly 2020

Top three academic awards: Thomas Bandy and Anneka Hooke were equal first in the year and Holly Willis was third. Photo: Anne Keen
Top three academic awards: Thomas Bandy and Anneka Hooke were equal first in the year and Holly Willis was third. Photo: Anne Keen

As the end of a pretty usual year draws to a close, Gloucester High School year 12 students celebrate. It may have been less packed in the hall on Friday, October 16, but it didn't take away from the outstanding achievements acknowledged at the Year 12 Formal Assembly.

School captains Ethan Bird and Bethany Hester, and vice captains Anneka Hooke and Leon Mackintosh, farewelled the class of 2020.

"I'd rather go through this tough year with you than an easy one with anyone else," Bethany said.

Deputy principal, Mik Wisely delivered thoughtful and humorous messages from the teachers, and principal, Trudi Edman recounted the students' journey from kindergarten to now. She spoke about the trials and tribulations of this COVID-impacted year and how it has equipped them with skills they may not have learned otherwise.

Year adviser Colleen Sorrensen held back the tears as she reminisced about the past six years.

There was a final musical performance, a slideshow of memories and an award presentation.

Academic Awards:

Thomas Bandy equal first in year: first Biology, Chemistry, English Standard, Software, Design & Development, Mathematics Advanced and second Mathematics Extension

Anneka Hooke equal first in year: first Drama, Music, English Advanced, Visual Art and Hospitality

Holly Willis third in year: first Mathematics Standard 2, Food Technology, second Drama, English Advanced and third Visual Art

Ethan Bird: first Mathematics Extension, second Mathematics Advanced, Software, Design & Development and third Chemistry

Hayley Weismantel: first Ancient History, first Modern History, second Legal Studies, History Extension and third English Advanced

Umi Chan: first Legal Studies, History Extension, second Ancient History and third Hospitality

Riley Doutty: first English Studies 2, second Modern History, third Software, Design & Development

Kelsey Farley: first Investigating Science, Science Extension, second Chemistry, equal second Biology, third Legal Studies and Mathematics Advanced

Tayla Casey: third Mathematics Standard 1

Emily Dulihanty: second English Standard, Food Technology, Visual Art and Hospitality

Cameron Dunlop: first PDHPE and third Ancient History

Mia Giudice: first English Studies 1 and second Mathematics Standard 1

Lillian Greenham: second Science Extension, equal second Investigating Science

Bethany Hester: second Mathematics Standard 2, third Drama and Music

Elizabeth Howarth: second Music, third Mathematics Standard 2

Charlotte Maslen: first Primary Industries, second in PDHPE, third Food Technology

Nicholas Murray: first Construction, Metals & Engineering, third Industrial Technology Timber, equal third Primary Industries

Sarah Benson: second Industrial Technology Timber and Construction

Patricia Oleksiuk: third English Studies 1

Jordan Rae: third Science Extension

Troy Ryan: third Construction and Metals & Engineering

Lilly Ryll: second Primary Industries, equal second Investigating Science and equal third English Standard

James Terras: first Mathematics Standard 1

Jasmin Thompson: second English Studies 1

Owen Tomlinson: third PDHPE

Toby Ware: equal third Primary Industries

Bronte Wisely: first Industrial Technology Timber, second Metals & Engineering

Isabella Yates: equal second Biology, equal third English Standard and third Modern History

Special Awards:

Captain: Bethany Hester and Ethan Bird; Vice Captain: Anneka Hooke and Leon Mackintosh; Senior SRC: Elizabeth Howarth and Charlotte Maslen

Caltex Award for the 'Best All Rounder': Ethan Bird

Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment: Anneka Hooke

University of New England Vice-Chancellor's High Achievement Prize: Elizabeth Howarth

GHS Award: Kelsey Farley and Thomas Bandy; GHS Black OPAL Award 2020: Anneka Hooke; GHS Service Award: Charlotte Maslen and Bethany Hester

Raymond Burton Memorial Prize For Spirited Effort: Ethan Edwards

John Tight Memorial Prize For Woodwork: Bronte Wisely

Derek Kerry Memorial Science Award: Thomas Bandy

P&C Ag Sub-Committee Agricultural All Rounder Award: Tayla Casey

Tim Westcott Memorial Award for Drama: Anneka Hooke

Mid Coast Connect VET Award: Nicholas Murray

NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge Medal: Charlotte Maslen

Hunter School Sports Assosciation Certificate of Recognition: Ethan Bird

Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award: Bethany Hester