The latest news from the Gloucester Women's Bowling Club

The final of the Gloucester Women's Bowling Club's Consistency Singles has been decided with Joan Ridgeway proving to consistent for Lorraine Ratcliffe winning 153 to 113.

In the Bonnie Hazelwood Triples, played last Wednesday, Joy Hurworth, Patty West and Vera Whatmore narrowly defeated Ruth Redman, Bev Germon and Del Buckton 19-18. In the other game Jenny Burley, Kerrie Green and Cheryl West defeated Colleen Atkins, Val Pritchard and Jill Everett 23-20.

On Friday November 12, the semi final of the Thelma Bolton Pairs were contested with Lorraine Ratcliffe and Kerrie Green defeating Jenny Burley and Vera Whatmore 19-12. Colleen Atkins and Jean Holstein were down by three going into the last end but Jean played the shot of the day to move the kitty and pick up four shots to defeat Judy Sheely and Joan Ridgeway 18-17.

On Wednesday November 18, the Bonnie Hazelwood Triples will continue with Di Lockwood, Lorraine Ratcliffe and Jean Holstein to play Julie Kriss, Judy Sheely and Bev Murray. Joy Hurworth, Patty West and Vera Whatmore play Jan Jones, Paula Standen and Joan Ridgeway.

On Friday November 20, the final of the Thelma Bolton Pairs will be fought out between Lorraine Ratcliffe and Kerrie Green against Colleen Atkins and Jean Holstein.

Only two games of social were played last Wednesday with Julie Kriss and Jean Holstein defeating Di Lockwood and Bev Murray 23-11. June Carter combined with Jan Jones to defeat Denise Redman and Helen Banks 25-9.