Gloucester Environment Group plant koala habitats

With the recent drought and fires the koala population in the Mid Coast is under extreme stress.

Here in the Gloucester area, we were lucky to have very few fires but the drought hit us hard.

In the hills surrounding the town and further afield the evidence was obvious with many stands of trees brown and dying.

Although this happened in the first half of 2020, in many cases the trees have not responded to the wet weather we experienced in autumn and spring.

The Gloucester Environment Group are keen to remedy this situation. One of the programs the group initiated is the planting of koala habitats.

Since 2019 hundreds of trees and shrubs have been planted by the group close to the Bucketts. Koalas eat many different species of eucalypts and use other trees for resting and habitat.

It's important that they have protection in undergrowth whilst moving from tree to tree, so the use of smaller shrubs is vital.

For the most recent planting we were ably assisted by three workers from Aus Eco Solutions, Wingham. This was arranged by the environment officer - natural assets, at MidCoast Council. Council also supplied extra trees, shrubs and other planting necessities.

The KoalaWays Program will continue after summer in 2021.