Bowls kept on rolling over the holiday period

Bowls kept on rolling over the holiday period

Pre-Christmas play

Peter Bignell returned from the green hills with a bang assisting Clive Redman and Robert Hayes to a massive victory over Gary Spokes, Terry Carson and Robbie Bowden 35-6.

Neville Atkins, Stephen Hurworth (who is in top festive season form) defeated Kevin Everett and Norm McLeod 35-13.

Jason Cassidy, Steven Higgins and Brian Holstein won the grudge match over Mark Tull, Peter Jones and Terry Higgins 22-18.

Kevin Burley, Nico Duynhoven and Alex Laurie proved too consistent for 'The Don' Graham Turnbull and Terry Davies winning 21-16.

Col Hebblewhite, George Wisemantel and Graham Holstein started slowly but came good on the big ends defeating Lu Urby, Ken Bryant and Col Beattie 25-17.

And in a pairs game Mike Sheely, James Davison defeated Vic Hebblewhite, Steve Kriss 17-16.

The Saturday (December 19) game consisted of a social Christmas atmosphere playing versatile where all players had their chance to show their skipping ability with Kevin Burley, Terry Higgins and Col Beattie returning to form winning four ends as skip to take the top prize over Stephen Higgins, Jason Collins and Bob Jones 24-16.

Terry Davies, Mike Sheely and super skip, Steve Kriss, who got minimum help from his lead but still won six ends to defeat Lu Urby, Gary Spokes and Ken Bryant 20-13.

Kevin Everett, Nico Duynhoven and Stephen Hurworth defeated Bruce Wilson, Andrew Henderson and Don Meheiloff 20-16.

And in the game that was never beyond doubt Col Hebblewhite, George Wisemantel and Jim McIntosh who was also let down by his lead conceding seven shots on the last two ends but had a sufficient lead to still inflict a painful defeat on Jason Cassidy, Vic Hebblewhite and Dick Davis (visitor) 19-15.

Thursday bowls continued during the Christmas and New Year period.

Post- New Year play

A field of 34 web footed bowlers turned out on Thursday (January 7) with Andrew Henderson, Steve Kriss and Terry Davies (amazing what a bowls organiser can do) giving Kevin Burley, Stephen Hurworth and Graham Holstein a welcome to a 2021 flogging by 38-14.

Col Hebblewhite, Terry Higgins and Peter Bignell came home strong on the last five ends to defeat John Andrews, Brian Holstein and Terry Carson 31-21.

Nico Duynhoven and Peter Jones accounted for Steve Brown and Ken Bryant 26-20.

Gary Spokes, Graham Turnbull and Shane Carter (visitor) defeated Mike Sheely, Vic Hebblewhite and Alex Laurie 22-21.

Lu Urby, George Wisemantel and Link Groves defeated Robert Hayes, Gordon Pritchard and Wayne Groves 26-20.

While Craig Yates, Col Beattie and Robbie Bowden defeated Kevin Everett, Tony Tersteeg and Clive Redman 24-19.

Following Thursday's big win Terry Davies combined with Don Meheiloff on Saturday but were no match for Kevin Burley "seeking revenge" and Jim Henderson who won 30-19.

Neville Atkins hitting top form combined with Terry Carson to defeat Andrew Henderson, Gary Spokes 24-21 and Nico Duynhoven, George Wisemantel defeated Lu Urby and Steve Kriss 20-16.

Mixed bowls on Saturday (January 9) resulted in a big win for Kevin Everett and his two sledgers Bev Germon and Jenny Burley thumping Steve Kriss, Jill Everett and George Wisemantel 31-20.

John Andrews, Joy Hurworth and Alex Laurie proved too strong for Mike Sheely, Cheryl West and Ken Bryant 22-19.

And Di Pritchard (another super skip in the making) combined with Judy Sheely and the under rated Julie Kriss to defeat Stephen Hurworth, Chris Pritchard and Di Lockwood 20-15.

A pennant trial has been organised against Taree West on Friday January 22 for grades two and six and the sheet is on the board for names to be entered early which will give the selectors time to select the teams.