New members join the rifle club

New members join the rifle club

In fine conditions on Sunday January 10 at 300 metres for the first Gloucester Rifle Club shoot of the new year, in free-class fullbore Hayden Perrott posted a blitzing 110.4/120 and Steve Pennicuik a super single 'down' of 54.2/60, and in a vintage revival .303 standard fullbore shoot Laurie Smith and Stuart Kerr posted ripping memorable results of 63.1 and 63.0 respectively.

Three new members were signed up following last month's notable article by Anne Keen in the December 16 Gloucester Advocate, and the club continues to receive enquiries. Thanks Anne.

Following introductions and paperwork it was decided to forego the planned rimfire shoot.

Next was held on Sunday January 24, with fullbore at 400 metres from 8.30am and 50 metre rimfire from 11am.

Visitors are normally very welcome on shoot days, but social distancing says not just for the moment.

However, enquiries regarding club activities and firearms licensing may be made to Steve Pennicuik on 0427059717, and the next Longarms Firearms Licensing Course is planned for Saturday February 6, with prior bookings essential.