Colour run at Gloucester Show 2021

Gloucester Showgirl Taylah Eyre-Hughes (insert) is organising a colour run as part of the 2021 Gloucester Show.
Gloucester Showgirl Taylah Eyre-Hughes (insert) is organising a colour run as part of the 2021 Gloucester Show.

It's due to be a very colourful 2021 Gloucester Show with a colour run lined up as one of the main events.

Gloucester is one of the few shows on the Mid North Coast due to proceed this year due to COVID and State Government regulations mean organisers will have to forgo some of the usual activities.

According to Gloucester Showgirl Taylah Eyre-Hughes, the task was set for her, Showgirl runner up Chloe Garnham and third place winner Brianna Martin to come up with a few new ideas to fill the void in a fun and engaging way.

And so the idea of holding a colour run was born. Not only is it a family-friendly event but it's also a chance to raise money for a charity.

Taylah chose Beyond Blue - a cause close to her heart.

"I lost my uncle to mental illness when I was a young girl," Taylah said.

Being only 10 years old at the time, she didn't fully understand what had happened but it started her journey of awareness. Being able to help others struggling with mental health, depression and anxiety disorders is very important to her.

"I have a personal connection to it. It's dear to me," she explained.

Taylah also thought the cause was good fit for the community after a year of severe drought with an extreme bushfire season followed by a global pandemic.

"People may know someone who had been impacted by the isolation."

The event is due to take place on main day of the show, Saturday March 20 sometime before the demolition derby and fireworks.

A colour run is fun five kilometre event where participants can run, skip, walk or dance their way around the course while they get flung with colour at every one kilometre check point. There is nothing competitive about it.

"It's something a little different," Taylah said.

There are several ways that people can get involved. You can take part in the run and register via the Gloucester Show website, you can sponsor a colour and even volunteer to be there to through it at the runners, you can volunteer to help out at the show or simply make a donation.

For information about this event and the Gloucester Show, visit gloucestershow.weebly.com/