Bail after NSW teen sex 'citizen's arrest'

A mother commandeered her daughter's social media account to
A mother commandeered her daughter's social media account to "arrest" a man accused of grooming her.

An international IT student who allegedly engaged in sexual acts with a 14-year-old girl before being lured to her southwest Sydney home by her irate family and apprehended has been granted bail.

Indian national Jamil Ahmed Chowdhury, 22, allegedly met the girl online in late 2020 and chatted with her over two months before the pair met in person and engaged in several sexual acts.

The Bankstown-based Chowdhury told the girl he was 19 years old.

The girl's mother allegedly became aware of the relationship and intervened, issuing Chowdhury a warning to stay away, but her daughter recommenced contact with a new Instagram account.

The NSW Supreme Court heard on Wednesday that the mother again became aware of the pair's communications, commandeered her daughter's social media account and requested Chowdhury attend the family's Villawood home.

When he did so on the evening of January 18, 2021, the girl's family sprang on and detained him in a "citizen's arrest". He could be seen in video footage being manhandled.

He was later arrested by police and charged with child sex and grooming offences.

Justice Peter Hamill on Wednesday admitted the allegations against Chowdhury were "predatory" in nature and the case against him appeared strong.

However, he agreed to grant Chowdhury bail given his age, lack of previous convictions, status as a foreign national and limited ability to leave Australia.

A number of strict conditions were attached to the 22-year-old's bail, including not being able to use a smartphone or access social media.

Chowdhury - who is in Australia on a student visa - was likely to be deported to India if convicted, the court also heard.

The matter will return to court on April 19.

Australian Associated Press