Gloucester Medico injects first COVID vaccine

Gloucester's first COVID vaccine was given to Dr Michele Hogg by registered nurse Sue Wallace.
Gloucester's first COVID vaccine was given to Dr Michele Hogg by registered nurse Sue Wallace.

It was a little later than expected but Gloucester Medico has finally started rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine.

Practice principal Dr Michele Hogg was the first to roll up her sleeve and take the jab on Tuesday March 31.

Despite the medical centre being told it would be receiving its first batch of AstraZeneca vaccines in time for a Monday March 22 roll out, the delivery never arrived. Originally, the first lot of 80 doses were due to make it to Gloucester on Friday March 20 but this didn't happen.

After being told continually that the delivery on was on route, it never seemed to make it.

On Monday March 29, the medical centre finally received a delivery, but it wasn't the first batch of 80, instead it was the second lot of 100 doses that was meant to arrive a week after the initial delivery.

Confused? Well don't worry, the staff at Gloucester Medico have everything under control and they are ready to begin vaccinations for all those interested people eligible for Phase 1B of the national roll out.

The plan is to run two sessions offering 10 injections each week day - one session in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Dr Hogg said the practice has been allocated 100 injections per week.

"2500 of the (Gloucester) population are in the 1B category. It's going to take some time to get to everyone," Dr Hogg said.

But the message from practice manager, Melissa Williams is not to panic and be patient.

"Everyone who wants a vaccine will get one," Ms Williams said.

Stroud Medico also has an allocation of 80 vaccines per week which will be rolled out there.

The vaccine is voluntary. If interested, residents are being encouraged to either email with your name, address, date of birth and a contact phone number or post the same information to 77-81 Denison Street, Gloucester.

Staff will be able to access eligibility, whether it be during this phase or a phase in the future, and organise an appointment accordingly.