Gloucester School Strike for Climate has guest speakers

Gloucester students stood up for climate on September 25 last year at the meeting place.
Gloucester students stood up for climate on September 25 last year at the meeting place.

The latest School Strike for Climate in Gloucester is set to look a little different with more of an educational and networking approach.

Gloucester High School student, Elyssa Keen is organising the local event for the nationwide movement to be held on Friday May 21 with plans to have a range of guest speakers in Billabong Park.

The 16-year-old was involved in the last strike held on September 25 last year but has decided to take the lead on this one.

"I wanted to try something different and focus more on education and action," Elyssa said. "Protests are good but structure gets more action."

Elyssa said she started to get involved in the school strikes to see how this type of action can impact the decisions made in government.

"I want to do more and thought this was a good way to start," she said.

She's been lining up a range of speakers connected to local groups who are already working on sustainability projects in the region.

There will be information about sustainable agricultural practices, the new community garden, the different solar projects and tips on reducing waste and recycling in your everyday life. Elyssa hopes to encourage the Gloucester youth to get involved and come up with achievable actions for a more sustainable and carbon neutral town. For her, it's all about thinking globally but acting locally.

"I want to connect the people in Gloucester to work together for a more sustainable Gloucester."

The Gloucester School Strike for Climate is on from 10am until 11am with speakers on the stage at Billabong Park on Friday May 21. It's recommended to bring your own chair or picnic rug.

For more information about the Gloucester event, follow the Instagram page @sustainable_gloucester.

The School Strike Network is organising in communities around the country to create change for a sustainable future free of fossil fuels through a just transition.

For more information, visit www.schoolstrike4climate.com/.