Some regular players return to the golf course

Some regular players return to the golf course

Wednesday was another perfect day for the Gloucester Women's Golf Club and it was good to have some of our regular players back with us.

The competition was a Canadian Foursome sponsored by Moyà Harris and Julie Paterson. Thank you for sponsoring once again and it was great to have you both back playing with us, hope the new hip behaved Moyà.

The winners of the day were Dale Rabbett and Julie Silver with a score of 82 nett, I think this is Julie's first win since joining us and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Runners up with 891/4 nett were Alison Windeyer and Myrelle Fraser.

Ball competition, Alison and Myrelle, and Ev Blanch and Moyà Harris 923/8 nett.

NTP 4th/13th, Alison and Myrelle, 6th/15th, Ev and Moyà.

Pennants were played at Tallwoods last week against Taree and Dale Rabbett was once again our only winner, congratulations Dale you will be making a name for yourself.

Four of our ladies are travelling to Coffs Harbour for a coaching clinic, they are Cheryl Goodrich, Johanna Ware, Dale Rabbett and Julie Paterson, we will be expecting big things from you all in the near future.

There are lots of Open Days coming up so keep checking on the notice board so you don't miss any.