Christopher Steele opens an exhibition at Gloucester Gallery

Christopher Steele's journey with a new form of creative work is on display at Gloucester Gallery.
Christopher Steele's journey with a new form of creative work is on display at Gloucester Gallery.

Gloucester artist Chris Steele has returned to Gloucester Gallery bringing along works to inspire an examination of own's inner self.

Introspection opened on Thursday May 27 rather suddenly as the gallery had intended to be closed for a month while a new access ramp was being constructed.

As the work was yet to begin as hoped on Thursday May 20, the Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Inc (GACCI) made the decision to invite Christopher to bring in his exhibition.

Christopher was the first exhibiter in the gallery after COVID forced its shutdown last year.

Essence ran from July 17 until Sunday September 6 but given the drop in tourism and general movement around the region at the time, gallery director Gigi Campa thought it would be nice to bring his work back for another run.

As the Essence exhibition made its way to Newcastle after its time at the Gloucester Gallery, Christopher opted to put together a collection of works capturing the same concept of the original exhibition but that featured different stages during his creative period - hence the new name, Introspection.

Introspection captures the journey into one's own mind.

Introspection captures the journey into one's own mind.

It's partly inspired by his own journey creating this style of artwork and partly about allowing the viewer to embark on their own emotional expedition while observing the pieces.

"It's like the abstraction of music. The way music can alter people's moods," Christopher explained.

"The compositions are meant to do the same thing. Through the rhythm and the harmony of the elements."

The pieces are constructed by taking multiple images that he either photographed, drew or painted.

After layering the images in a manner he's happy with he takes a small digital photograph of it then enlarges it until he gets the finished piece he's after.

"They are very expressive and indicative of the inner self," Chris explained.

"The rich colours and forms hold your vision for an extended period of time allowing you to see more layers of image, the longer you look."

This style of work came about during his quest to create a new style of art in a time when he reckons it's near impossible to create anything original.

His decision to use a combination of mediums and a computer came after he took a computer programming course.

"There are things I can only do by hand that I can't do on a computer; and things that I can only on a computer that I can't do by hand," Christopher explained.

Introspection is on at the Gloucester Gallery, 25 Denison Street until Sunday June 13.

The gallery is opening Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from 10am to 1pm. Entry is free.

In lieu of a traditional opening event, Christopher will be hosting a soiree evening on Saturday June 6 from 7pm with everyone welcome to attend.