MidCoast Council events and festivals sponsorship policy updated

MidCoast Council has updated its event and festival sponsorship policy which includes three new categories.

Council's economic development coordinator, Robyn Brennan says the new categories will make it easier for organisers to identify and apply for the most suitable type of sponsorship. Other changes to the policy are the reduction in the number of sponsorship categories, updated category titles, new assessment criteria and the decision to have the majority of sponsorship assessments completed via a single round, rather than the two rounds previously run.

The new categories are Community and Local Events (funding up to $2500); Events and Festivals (funding up to $10,000); and Regionally Significant Events.

The Community and Local Events category recognises events that are primarily staged for local audiences, while the Events and Festivals category is for higher profile events that attract visitors from outside the MidCoast region. Regionally Significant events are for those that showcase the Mid Coast on a much larger scale and would be difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Not only does the new program offer clearer categories, the application process has also undergone changes with a more streamlined approach. The Community and Local Events category now has a simplified form that only needs to be submitted once a year, however, the Events and Festivals category will continue to offer two funding rounds.

"We know there will be a transition to the new program and council's economic development and events team is happy to assist community groups and organisations where necessary to ensure it is as seamless as possible," Robyn said.

"We will be working individually with our existing event organisers to ensure a positive transition to the new policy. We welcome new and existing event organisers to contact us for assistance."

The first round of sponsorship under the new policy is for events and festivals being held from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022 and applications open in August.

"We have a long history of supporting local events and this new policy will make it easier for everyone to do that," Robyn said.