Aboriginal flag March in Taree Thursday June 17 2004

Thursday June 17 2004: MORE than 2000 protestors took to the streets peacefully to call on Greater Taree City Council to change the decision not to fly the Aboriginal flag outside chambers on a daily basis.

It was one of the largest protests ever held in Taree and certainly the most colourful. The entire lower end of Pulteney Street outside council chambers and overlooking the Manning River was a sea of black, red and gold, the crowd of people of all ages - black and white - standing as one to call on the city council to re-think its decision. The crowd's chant to Fly the flag NOW was heard loud and clear by councillors. The Aboriginal flag flew proudly on a makeshift flagpole erected by supporters on the footpath.

The Times was there to capture the day drama photographically.

Council eventually reversed the decision and the Aboriginal flag flies outside council every day.

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