Consistency comp kicks off at the bowling club

Last week saw the start of the Gloucester Women's Bowling Club's Consistency Championships, with four matches being played.

The weather was very cold, no wind, just a temperature to make the fingers freezing and, therefore, hard to control the bowls. However, this resulted in a win for Cheryl West over Bev Murray (155-145), Di Lockwood defeated Jeanette Mumford (150-100), Del Buckton defeated Joy Hurworth (154-126) and Judy Sheely defeated Lorraine Ratcliffe (152-118). All very close matches.

The two social games finished early as everyone was really feeling the cold. Di Pritchard, Bev Germon and Karen Heiningar defeated Kerrie Green, Pattie West and Colleen Atkins (12-5) and Joan Ridgeway and Julie Kriss defeated Jill Everett and Denise Redman (19-8).

This Wednesday, which we all hope will be a little warmer, the following Consistency games will take place: Jean Holstein v Jill Everett, Di Pritchard v Colleen Atkins, Pattie West v Julie Kriss and Joan Ridgeway v Bev Germon.