RDAMNC 2021 Ignite Mid North Coast Symposium tp be held in Wingham

On the stage at a previous Ignite Mid North Coast Syposium. Photo supplied
On the stage at a previous Ignite Mid North Coast Syposium. Photo supplied

The 2021 Ignite Mid North Coast Symposium is planned to be held at Wingham Town Hall on November 3, 2021.

Organised by Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC), the annual event "is a business and community event designed to bring together people who work, run businesses and live in the Mid North Coast".

The event has been held at Bowraville, Bellingen and Kempsey in the past, and now it's Wingham's turn to feature. It was originally to be held in Wingham last year, however it was cancelled because of COVID.

"We aim to try and go to regional towns that we want to highlight in the process of having the event there," project coordinator Ignite, Lisa McPherson said.

"We love the concept of vibrant modern day conversations and we often have a twist of bringing heritage and history as a backdrop to that."

RDAMNC have been in conversations with MidCoast Council and the Wingham Chamber of Commerce to bring the event to Wingham, with the partnership developing 'While in Wingham' - a promotion for business and tourism.

"And if they can't stay very long during symposium, we hope to encourage them to visit in the future," Lisa said.

The theme for this year's Ignite Symposium is 'renew, reimagine and rethink'.

Topics under discussion will be circular economy (waste in communities), housing, and work pathways - "what does the workforce look like? How is it changing" How do we secure the right training and facilities to be able to gain effective work in the future?" Lisa explained.

RDAMNC is in the process of securing speakers, primarily from the Mid North Coast.

Keep up to date with news about the upcoming symposium online at rdamnc.org.au/ignite.