Allen and Peter in top form on the bowling green

Allen and Peter in top form on the bowling green

Allen Rose and Peter Sansom hit top form at Gloucester Bowling Club on Thursday scoring three bonus points on their way to a 24-17 victory over John Andrews and Vic Hebblewhite to collect the major prize.

Andrew Henderson, Peter Jones and Alex Laurie had a walk in the park only conceding six shots to Steven Higgins, Gary Spokes and Norm Mcleod in a massive 28-6 win.

George Wisemantel combined with Neville Atkins to defeat Kevin Everett and Mike Sheely 23-11. Gordon Pritchard, Mark Tull and Harry Cox kept Lu Urby, Robert Hayes and Terry Carson in the losers column with a narrow 23-20 win. While Terry Higgins regained his old form combining with Bob Jones and Robbie Bowden to defeat Tony Tersteeg, Ken Bryant and Don Mehieloff 25-20.

In Saturday mixed bowls, Bev Murray, Terry Davies and Bob Newitt collected first prize with a 26-15 win over Del Buckton, Joan Ridgeway and Dennis Bartlett.

In a pairs match Mike Sheely and Don Mehieloff found the going a bit tough only winning eight ends against John Andrews and Ken Bryant who had a comfortable 25-13 win. And Jean Holstein, Judy Sheely and Sue Bryant came from behind winning five of the last six ends to dispose of George Wisemantel, Di Lockwood and Anne Andrews 22-19.

Due to the COVID lockdown the bowling club will be closed until Sunday August 22 and at time of publication no information regarding the playing of bowls was available.