Bushstock Barbeque Gloucester is an event to support men's mental health

Growing up as a daughter of a farmer, Christine Brennan knows first-hand how men can struggle mentally and emotionally, so she's organising an event to bring Gloucester's blokes together.

Bushstock Barbeque Gloucester is a men's mental health awareness night on Friday September 3 at Gloucester Rural Supplies.

"The idea is that by supporting our men, we support the whole town," Christine said.

This is the first time Christine has organised an event like this but she hopes it'll catch on as an annual affair.

"I'm hoping the town embraces it and it becomes 'our' event."

The whole thing came about after she had a chat with Troy Higgins at Gloucester Rural Supplies and he mentioned that Gloucester used to run a similar event a few years ago. Christine suggested it was time to get it going again and Troy offered his large lot in the industrial area as the venue.

Christine is passionate about seeing men prosper as she believes that healthy men are vital for a strong community.

"I grew up the daughter of a farmer and some of the key things they have all struggled with are communication, being vulnerable, emotional intimacy, connection and community - all the things that would help keep them healthy," Christine said. "I believe us women need to stand by our men, try to understand them, respect them and work together."

COVID conditions dependent, Bushstock Barbeque Gloucester kicks off at 5:30pm at Gloucester Rural Supplies, 18 Tate Street. The line up includes guest speaker Mary O'Brien from Are You Bogged Mate?, entertainment by The Bowden Brothers, a Gloucester Rotary barbecue, a Gloucester CWA supper and raffle prizes.

Men aged 18 years and over are encouraged to come along, however, due to COVID, registration is required and can be done by calling Christine on 0484 787 300. The event is sponsored by CRT, Rotary, MidCoast Council, Hunter Local Land Services and Christine Buckley Coaching.

Due to the constantly changing COVID situation, please check out the Facebook page or listen to Bucketts Radio from Monday August 30 to find out if the event will proceed.

Did you know?

Are you bogged mate? is all about helping country blokes talk about mental health and suicide while spreading awareness about depression in the bush. For more information, visit www.areyouboggedmate.com.au.