MidCoast Council confirms tips closed to public but open for those without kerbside collection

Council tips closed to public but some services are still on offer

There has been a bit of banter on social media about the current rules around accessing MidCoast Council's tips with the current public health orders limiting the services provided, so council is looking to clarify the matter.

When the NSW Government declared a statewide COVID-lockdown, council announced that its waste management centres and tip shops would be closed to general public but open usual business hours for commercial waste.

The announcement posed a question for those residents without kerbside collection - what do they do with their rubbish?

While the idea is for people to stay home and only leave for essential reasons, rubbish removal is one of those things that can't always wait for the State to reopen.

Therefore, council has clarified that at this point the waste management facilities are closed to the general public, except for community members who don't receive a kerbside collection, a spokesperson for council explained.

"They can still take their rubbish to the tip as needed."

Another exception is for the disposal of waste that poses a public health risk - for example spoiled food.

Commercial waste continues to be accepted from businesses but anything else that is considered non-essential will have to wait until the public health order changes.

Basically, if it's not urgent, please leave it at home.

And remember to be kind to the staff working at council's waste management centres as they are working hard to follow the rules and keep people safe.