Gloucester High student secures apprenticeship at Valley Motors

Gloucester High student Josh Howard is working as an apprentice at Valley Motors. Photo supplied
Gloucester High student Josh Howard is working as an apprentice at Valley Motors. Photo supplied

Giving young people a chance to stay and work in their hometown is the motivation behind Valley Motors' newest hire.

Year 11 student, Josh Howard has recently been taken on as an apprentice - securing both a small engines apprenticeship and a salesman apprenticeship.

According to dealer principal Rodney Summerville, it's important to keep the younger generation in town to keep other aspects of the community going - like the sporting clubs. Josh is a player in the men's team for the Gloucester Hockey Club at the Manning Valley competition.

"It is a wonderful opportunity to employ locals who show enthusiasm and commitment to gain a trade in a local business," Rodney said.

"His knowledge and enthusiasm has already proven he will be an asset to our team."

For Josh, an apprenticeship was a great option compared to continuing through to the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

"I wanted to get one (apprenticeship) as school just wasn't my thing," Josh said.

And getting a chance to learn on the job is perfect for him with this opportunity giving him a chance to expand his knowledge.

He hopes to get a better understanding of how engines work and to be able to fix them.

The apprenticeship will see him bedoing repairs on chainsaws, hedgers, brushcutters, blowers and lawn mowers, as well as ordering, purchasing and selling a range or products.

This isn't the first time Rodney has given an opportunity to a local young person.

"Over the years, I have employed many GHS students as apprentices and have had many come under the Work Experience scheme," Rodney explained.

"Current employees Craig, Darren, Ryan and Kayden all completed and are completing apprenticeships with us and have remained employed in the business.

"There have been many other apprentices who have moved on and used there qualification as a bases for further opportunities."

According to Gloucester High School's technological and applied studies (TAS) teacher Rob Seale, it's another proud moment to see a student gain an apprenticeship in town.

"While it is a reward for Josh's work ethic, general attitude and level of maturity, it is also an indication of the optimistic and community spirit local business owners like Rodney and Donna Summerville have," Rob said.

"Particularly in these uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that there are employment opportunities as well as industry and services that can be sourced right here within our local community."