Get tested: three COVID-19 cases in Gloucester

Get tested: three COVID-19 cases in Gloucester

The three COVID-19 cases in Gloucester announced today, Thursday, September 30 by the NSW government were connected, the Member for Upper Hunter David Layzell said.

The source of the infection is believed to have been a visitor from outside the MidCoast local government area.

While one case has been isolating at home, unfortunately the other two cases have been infectious in the community.

"Therefore people do have to exercise caution, and we're really looking for a response in testing" Mr Layzell said.

Mr Layzell is urging people in Gloucester to get out and get tested.

"At the first sign of symptoms, if you've got a headache, go get tested. If you've got a sore toe, go get tested!" he said.

"The best chance we've got of avoiding suppression measures in the community is to get everyone tested, because then we can flush out what is going on straight away. "

To assist the community get tested for COVID-19, Gloucester Hospital is holding a testing clinic starting Friday morning from 9am to 3pm for four days up to and including Monday.