Prepare your property this weekend for bushfires

In week three of the Get Ready for Bushfire project, MidCoast Council has a checklist of projects for this weekend.

While we stay at home this week, there's never been a better time to make sure you Get Ready for Bushfire, following our five step series to ensure your home has a bushfire survival plan and is prepared for bushfire danger season, mayor David West said.

Once you have your Get Ready plan in place this year, council is asking you to register online, he said.

"We'd like to get a picture of how many Mid Coast households have a Get Ready for bushfire plan in place, and which parts of the region are well prepared for bushfire this year."

Visit the Get Ready page HERE and register your plan - it takes 30 seconds.

Over the last two weeks, we've helped you identify the bushfire risk for your property, and put together a bushfire survival plan so that everyone in your home knows what you will do and where you will go in a bushfire emergency, Cr West said.

This week, it's checklist time and there's a list of things to do to prepare your home and your yard before a bushfire threatens.

And if you're on a farm or large property, here's a checklist for you too.

"A well prepared home is easier to defend against fire, and it's safer for you and for our volunteer firefighters.

"Get started by heading to the website and find the step three information plus the Bushfire Survival Plan document.

"You'll find the NSW RFS Get ready videos there for preparing your home, your yard and your rural property. The Plan has a checklist for preparing your home and yard.

"If you can't physically do the work yourself, please don't hesitate to ask your family, friends or engage a service to help you.

A well prepared home is easier to defend against fire, and it's safer for you and for our volunteer firefighters.

MidCoast Council mayor, David West

"And if you have limited support from these sources, then the NSW RFS' AIDER service may be able to help you.

There's information on the RFS site, call 8741 4955 or email

"We want to make sure everyone's home is as well prepared as possible each fire season."

It's a fact that many homes are under-insured for bushfire, and can't be rebuilt for the amount they are insured for.

"This week, pull out your home insurance policy and review it.

"Check your insurance policy, and talk to your insurer if you think this might be the case."

Place a copy of your insurance documents in the emergency kit, or make sure you have the Know Risk insurance tracker app on your phone to keep track of your policies.

Once you've ticked off the jobs in the Bushfire Survival Plan step three you'll be well prepared at the start of fire season.

"Revisit the list every few weeks, to make sure you stay on top of those home maintenance jobs that make your home safer against fire."

There's two more steps to Get Ready for bushfire season, with more tips to come over the coming weeks to help residents to be prepared.