American-style round of golf kicks off the weekend

GWG Construction Trophy event at Gloucester Golf Club winners Jim Bird and Chris Murray with sponsor Greg West in the middle. Photo supplied
GWG Construction Trophy event at Gloucester Golf Club winners Jim Bird and Chris Murray with sponsor Greg West in the middle. Photo supplied

Gloucester Golf Club comprised two separate days of foursomes golf over the weekend with Jim Bird and Chris Murray taking out the first trophy.

On Saturday (October 9), there was the GWG Constructions sponsored men's American Foursomes and on Sunday (October 10) the club's Mixed Foursomes championships.

Foursomes is a strange version of the game, and despite its name, is played in teams of two players.

Sometimes known as "alternative stroke" each team member alternates tee shots and plays alternate strokes on each hole until the ball is holed.

American Foursomes is an odd mixture of Ambrose and foursomes golf; each player hits off each tee, swaps balls for their second shot then play alternate strokes until the ball is holed.

It is a form of golf that is as much a test of golf as it is a test of the relationships between two golfers and, coincidentally, a lot of fun if played in the right spirit.

All that said, there is probably a good reason that foursomes are only played but once or twice a year.

Saturday was a brilliant day, crystal clear skies, a brisk early start to the morning slowly building to an over 30 degree mid-morning and afternoon with no sign of the rain predicted a day or so out.

The course was in wonderful condition and a great tribute to ground staff and the club's many volunteers.

The winning pair in Saturday's American Foursomes were Jim Bird and Chris Murray with an excellent net score of 59.875 more than 12 strokes ahead of the par for the course at 72, all in a big field of 38 inspired golfers.

Runners up were Kyran Laurie and Mick Young, four shots back of net 63.875 with balls in the associated ball competition going to Jim Bird and Chris Murray 59.875, Kyran Laurie and Mick Young 63.875, Phil Bowden and Murray Bowden 66, Paul Blanch and Craig McLeod 68.375, Brian McInnes and Roy Crichton 69.875, Stacey Groves and Greg West 70.75, Steve Burns and Ben Veitch 71.875, with the last pair of balls going to Wayne Maddalena and Dave Mann 71.875.

The Super Sevens for the week ending Friday October 8 had a small field although Jamie Andrews had a great afternoon out for a win scoring 21 Stableford points. He was followed by ball winners Dave Mann and Phil Hawkins 17, Rob Moore 16, and Dave Mann, Mitch Andrews and Stephen Yates all scoring 15 points picking up the last balls on offer.

On Sunday, the golfing conditions were quite different; temperatures well into the thirties and a stiff breeze for the majority of the time spent on the course. Again the predicted rain did not appear, so the 24 players were able to finish without the soaking they might have thought was on the cards a few days earlier.

Evelyn Blanch and Paul Blanch won the club's Mixed Foursomes Championship with a gross score of 86.

It was the mother-and-son's sixth successive win in the event after Evelyn's win in the Women's Foursomes with Mrelle Fraser Wednesday last week.

Other trophies on the day were awarded based on net scores with the winning pair Pam Paff and Rick Paff takeing top spot with their net score of 73 strokes, ball winners were Pat Burrows and Joost Werz, Sally Higgins and John Herd.

On Saturday October 16, the Gloucester Golf Club are conducting an Individual Stableford competition sponsored by Rawdonvale and the following week the Bowden family are sponsoring a Four Person Ambrose.