Busy week of nail-biting bowls

George Wisemantel in action on Saturday at the Gloucester Bowling Club. Photo Scott Calvin
George Wisemantel in action on Saturday at the Gloucester Bowling Club. Photo Scott Calvin

Thursday bowls at the Gloucester Bowling Club has taken on a new format for October and November.

One point is to be awarded for players participating while the winners on the day will receive seven points, second place will receive five points and third place getters will receive three points to which will accumulate over the eight week period.

The major points last week went to Kevin Everett, Stephen Hurworth and Harry Cox who blitzed Lu Urby, Wayne Groves and Ken Bryant 25-10.

Runners up were Mike Sheely and James Davison who defeated Nico Duynhoven and Don Mehieloff 26-16.

And the third set of points went to Bob Charman and Norm Mcleod defeating Kevin Burley and Max Stevens 22-11.

The remaining games resulted in a win for John Andrews, Neville Atkins and Alex Laurie over Graham Turnbull, Craig Yates and Steve Kriss 25-15. Tony Tersteeg, Andrew Henderson and Terry Carson defeated Rob Heininger, Paul Sheridan and John West 22-19. And Gary Spokes, George Wisemantel and Terry Davies narrowly defeated Bruce Wilson, Vic Hebblewhite and Robbie Bowden 24-22.

The first round of the mixed pairs was contested on Saturday when love was in the air with a majority of husbands, wives and partners puting their kitchen differences to bed and coming together without any major dramas to take on the opposition.

Steve and Julie Kriss had an ear ringing victory over Dennis Bartlett and Karen Heininger 27-19. The Holstein duo of Brian and Aunty Jean had a comfortable win over Ken and Sue Bryant 29-10. Stephen and Joy Hurworth proved that blood is thicker than water when they defeated Don Mehieloff and Del Buckton, with Del keeping their hopes alive but eventually going down 24-19.

In a close tussle from start to finish Kevin and Jill Everett collected three shots on the second last end which was enough to get them home 19-17 over Mike and Judy Sheely. Aaron Kelly combined with Kerrie Green for a marathon match against Neville and Colleen Atkins with the legs eleven proving a problem for the Atkins for a consecutive seven ends but they fought back to finally go down to Aaron and Kerrie on the last end in a close measure 24-23. In the circus event of the day, George Wisemantel and Di Lockwood had lady luck on their side with Max and Jenny Stevens finding gaps like a good batsman to finally bow out of their first ever championship.

The next matches of the mixed pairs will be contested on Saturday October 16 at 1.30 pm and Sunday October 17 at 9.30am. Please check the board regarding your games.

Sunday saw the final of the men's fours championship and what a game it was in blustery conditions with Lu Urby, Gordon Pritchard, Tony Tersteeg and Allen Rose taking on the previous three years winners in Jason Cassidy, Steve Brown, Craig Yates and Terry Davies.

The Urby skipped side jumped out of the gates picking up a six on the third end which prompted action from the opposition who collected five shots on end 11. From then on it was anyone's game until the last end when it proved just how important a lead is with Terry Davies sitting a bowl on the kitty which was not removed and proved most valuable for the team of Jason Cassidy, Steve Brown, Craig Yates and Terry Davies to become the fours champions over Lu Urby, Gordon Pritchard, Tony Tersteeg and Allen Rose in a nail biting finish 25-24.