Affordable strength and balance classes for over 50s

Photo MidCoast Council
Photo MidCoast Council

It's now time to rebuild strength following weeks of COVID induced hibernation with MidCoast Council re-launching an affordable exercise program for people aged 50-100+ across the region.

Supported by MidCoast Assist, Living Longer Living Stronger is an innovative strength and balance program for older people.

Developed by COTA (Council on the Ageing) Australia, the program involves progressive resistance training to improve strength, balance and mobility, as well as having benefits for overall energy and vitality.

Living Longer Living Stronger instructors have all undertaken specialised training with COTA NSW which covers the needs of older people and how to work with the types of injuries and conditions that affect older people.

"The beauty of the Living Longer Living Stronger program is that it is individually designed for each participant, and the instructors will take your specific needs and goals into consideration when preparing your program," COTA NSW chief executive officer, Meagan Lawson said.

Moving and getting stronger has a flow-on effect on your general quality of life.

COTA NSW CEO, Meagan Lawson

"Moving and getting stronger has a flow-on effect on your general quality of life. You'll be better able to carry shopping and play with your grandchildren, as well as reducing the risk of falls and other injuries," she said.

The classes are also a great way to meet new people.

"Arthritis was playing havoc with me. I'm now moving better, and my flexibility and mobility to do everyday tasks is much improved, as well as my strength, balance, spatial awareness and social interaction," Frank, who has been attending classes at the Forster YMCA, said.

"My health is wonderful and my quality of life is amazing since joining this class. I should have done it years ago."

Noreen, who attends the class at the Golden Oldies Health Club, Harrington, said she found it very beneficial that they each get individually designed exercises to meet their needs.

"I definitely increased the strength in my arms and my overall balance. I guess we will have to resume at a slightly slower pace after all the weeks in lockdown, but I know that with Toni's knowledge and expert training we will soon be back on track," Noreen said.

Living Longer Living Stronger is reasonably priced, with an initial assessment to develop a personalised program costing between $25 and $50. From there classes are $10 per session.

The program runs in five Mid Coast locations - contact the provider directly for more information and to book your assessment.

* MidCoast Assist is an ageing support service of MidCoast Council. Visit for more information about services provided.