Goodbye to the old Barrington Bridge

A 100-years of history was craned away recently as Transport for NSW removed the original Barrington Bridge.

The deconstruction and sectional removal of the bridge took place over several day from Monday November 1 until Friday November 5.

Many Gloucester resident took the opportunity to record the 'end of an era' removal with several people spotted taking photographs and videos. Colin Hanson shared with photo collection with the Gloucester Advocate.

Constructed in 1920, the iconic narrow timber truss structure was replaced with a modern, wider concrete bridge in 2020. The one lane bridge that across the Barrington River was no longer fit for purpose with the increase of transportation use on the Thunderbolts Way.

After discussions with the community and stakeholders, Transport for NSW made the decision to remove the old bridge. According to Transport for NSW, removing the old bridge will reduce environmental impacts and ongoing maintenance costs, and prevents safety risks associated with the weathering and deterioration of the old structure.

As part of honouring the memory of the bridge, Transport for NSW is developing a plan for heritage interpretation of the old bridge at the site. Heritage interpretation will include installation of interpretive signage and display of bridge artefacts at the site. In addition, Transport for NSW is exploring the provision of picnic facilities near the new bridge.

Transport for NSW has already recorded and archived information about the old, bridge including 3D mapping, laser scanning and drone photogrammetry.