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Sculpted by the Gods: How to get a more chiseled & muscular jawline

Sculpted by the Gods: How to get a more chiseled & muscular jawline

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We all dream of that perfect side profile, with a jaw that looks as though it could cut glass. However, some of us are born with softer, more cherubic looking faces, or perhaps it's a lifestyle factor that's harming your jawline's muscular transformation.

Whatever it is, we've got the top tips to help get your jaw into shape and give you that chiselled face you always dreamed of.

Get physical

When you want to get a more muscular and defined part of your body, you go to the gym to exercise that particular aspect of yourself until it gains the definition that you require.

So, apply the same rule to your jaw, whilst you can also opt for a facelift procedure or a more permanent medical course of action in the future, exercising your jaw will significantly improve its chiselled appearance in the present.

An example of a good jaw exercise to try is, closing your mouth and slowly pushing your jaw forward, followed by lifting up your lower lip and pushing it forward until you feel your jawline and chin stretch and then holding this position for approximately 10 seconds, and repeating. When done consistently, this should improve the shape of your jawline.

Acquaint yourself with a Gua Sha

A way to help define your jawline that is both beneficial and incredibly pleasant is by using a Gua Sha, both as a daily tool, and also to give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage.

A Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique that involves scraping the skin with a marble tool in order to drain the skin of fluid and create a more sculpted appearance.

When used consistently both morning and evening, each day, the Gua Sha can have long-lasting benefits that extend beyond superficial. Gua sha can improve circulation, reduce inflammation and ease long-held tension in the neck and jaw area.

Try a new hair style

Have you ever heard the phrase "new hair, new me"? Well, with the right haircut, you may find a whole different you has been hiding behind your long mane.

Having the right hairstyle for your face shape will not only be more flattering but can create the illusion of stronger features. If you have a square-shaped face, opt for a soft bob, with light layers throughout to give a more rounded effect and gentle curtain bangs to draw attention to your cheekbones.

Having your hair gently hang at your jaw will create a more angular appearance. If your face has a softer, slightly more youthful shape, chances are it's round or heart-shaped.

These beautiful cherub looking faces can achieve more definition by cutting a pixie style, this draws more attention to the higher points of your face, rather than weighing it down needlessly with hair, creating a weighty look.

Opting for a sharp pixie elongates that shape face and presents more definition. Of course, if the pixie cut is a little too bold for you, try out a lob, you still get to maintain some length whilst also getting rid of weighty hair that drags down your appearance.

Stay hydrated and say no to sodium

Remembering your daily water intake may seem like an overly simple tip, but toxin retention can be seen in our faces, drinking water keeps your skin plump and hydrated but also flushes out the toxins which can lead to a more defined looking complexion.

A lot of these toxins come from excessive salt intake which can give you a puffier seeming face than you may actually have.

If your goal is to maintain a chiselled complexion try and limit your intake of salty food and stop eating it altogether a few hours before you go to bed.

Practice all aspects of your beauty routine

A lack of definition in the face can often come from bloating rather than weight gain, or even natural bone structure.

A healthy body extends to the face so ensuring you have a good night's sleep each evening is imperative. Getting your eight hours a night will decrease the natural puffiness you wake up with.

Along with this, you can further enhance the chiselled appearance of your face with makeup. Makeup is about enhancing what you have, so work with your natural bone structure and use contouring techniques to enhance your jawline and cheekbones to promote a more angular image.

Get on board the collagen craze

A lot of the time, as you grow older you can develop jowls, this is the sagging of skin around the jawline and chin, and is caused by the ageing skin losing elasticity and collagen.

If you want to slow down this process, then avoid long term sun exposure and cigarettes as both of these factors will speed up the ageing process.

Alternatively, it's great to put collagen back into the body, via supplements, this will help to boost the elasticity of your skin whilst further reducing wrinkles and dryness.

No matter what you look like, we're all beautiful in our own unique way, however, with these excellent tips you'll uncover the bone structure you've been seeking.

So, no matter what you're doing, whether it's changing your food habits to include less sodium, or seeking out collagen treatments if you follow this guide, you'll be cutting class with that jaw sooner than you think.