Hey Gloucester, clean up your act

Julia Driscoll
By Julia Driscoll
June 28 2022 - 6:30pm
Six-year-old Isabelle Geosits was so incensed by litter around her town, she organised her own clean-up.

Little Isabelle Geosits, only six years old, has a message for Gloucester's tossers - take your rubbish with your or put it in the bin.


Julia Driscoll

Julia Driscoll


Julia Driscoll has worked as a journalist for the Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Times for seven years. She values the deep connection with community that being a rural and regional journalist brings. Career highlights have involved environmental stories - bringing the plight of the little known endangered Manning River helmeted turtle to the attention of the public, resulting in wide-spread knowledge in the community and conservation action; and breaking the news of the Manning River ceasing to run for the first time in recorded history.