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How to plan the perfect Sydney staycation

How to plan the perfect Sydney staycation

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As far as Australian holiday destinations go, Sydney is well and truly amongst the most effortless and satisfying locations for any looking to have a mini getaway.

With the sheer abundance of tourist activities, accommodation options, and cultural attractions to keep you occupied during your time in this vibrant city centre, both interstate and international travellers alike can find plenty to fill their Sydney trip itinerary with, securing themselves a Sydney city experience that they'll likely remember for years to come.

But how do Sydneysiders go about planning their own city escape? You'll be happy to hear that there are plenty of ways that Sydney locals can feel like a tourist in their own city.

Here are just a few things to consider when planning your own Sydney holidays.

Book some luxury Sydney accommodation

Hands down, the best way to feel seriously pampered in your home city, is simply to book a room at a luxury hotel. That way, you can take in all the majesty of the city up high and with a breathtaking panoramic view.

If you are looking to book luxury accommodation options like the Hyatt Regency in Sydney, it's highly recommended that you place your reservation well ahead of time, just to make absolutely sure that you'll have the accommodation of your choice and preferably also at a less than premium price point.

You can also make the most of your staycation by opting for accommodation that's centrally located in the Sydney CBD. This way, you can maintain easy access to all of the city's most scintillating attractions without having to think too much about your travel logistics, or even allocate too much time for commuting. You should have no issues finding suitable luxury accommodation that's centrally located in the Sydney CBD if you start your booking process nice and early.

Visit Sydney's must-see tourist attractions

There's no denying that Sydney is filled to the brim with some of Australia's most exciting tourist attractions, ranging from the indispensable Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and all the many beaches, garden spaces, galleries, and other cultural attractions that call the city home.

Sydney's rich selection of cultural attractions is precisely what makes this city one of Australia's premier destinations for experiencing Australian arts and culture.

If you are hoping to fill your itinerary with a variety of highly cultural experiences and attractions, why not set aside an afternoon to explore some of Sydney's most unique art galleries?

The Museum of Contemporary Art in The Rocks neighbourhood is always sure to please, housing a wide range of contemporary Australian and Indigenous Australian artwork. Other must-see cultural attractions include the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, and the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative's main gallery located in Leichhardt.

Enjoy a day at your favourite Sydney beach

A trip to Sydney would, of course, be incomplete without a day at Bondi Beach, or any of the city's other picturesque coastal spaces. Thanks to Sydney being a waterfront city, hugging the internal coast of Port Jackson, the city is home to over 100 fantastic beaches, so you're sure to find a stretch of coastline that's perfect for your own beach day plans.

Whether you're looking for sun, sand, swimming, surfing, or all of the above, a trip to Manly Beach will likely never disappoint. Renowned across the globe for being the location of the Australia's first ever surfing contest held in 1964, Manly Beach is a coastal getaway destination that's adored by homegrown Sydneysiders, Aussie travellers, and international visitors alike.

The beach's long stretch of pristine sands are routinely dotted with beach towels, umbrellas, and plenty of sunbakers, seaside loungers, and sandcastle savants. For those who are concerned about sun safety, you'll be happy to hear that Manly Beach is also lined with towering Norfolk pine trees for about 2 km, meaning there is plenty of shade to be sought even if you happen to forget your beach umbrella.

As many of Sydney's surrounding coastal suburbs are just as vibrant as the city itself, many of Sydney's beaches (including Manly Beach) are also accompanied by a selection of boutique retail stores, cafes and eateries, meaning that your day at the coast can also be accompanied by a fantastic meal or two, followed by a little bit of shopping.

Explore Sydney's rich culinary scene

Although Melbourne might take the cake as Australia's foodie capital because of the city's many unique and eclectic eateries, Sydney city is still home to some of Australia's most premier fine dining restaurants and culinary experiences, with a great selection of Australian and international chefs managing their own establishments in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Fastidious staycation planners may be able to grab themselves a highly elusive booking or two at eateries like Peter Gilmore's Quay, Gianmarco Pardini's Ormeggio at the Spit, and the bubbly Asian fusion eatery MuMu.

If you aren't able to secure yourself a table at any of these highly popular foodie havens, then never fear! You can sample some of the Sydney region's most delectable bottles of vino as well as some freshly caught shellfish at virtually all of Sydney's most elegant eateries, so be prepared to expect a gastronomic phantasmagoria regardless of wherever your evening in Sydney takes you.

Make plans to catch a show

There are few things sweeter than a long walk through the city streets after a good dinner, but catching a theatre show at the end of that walk will undoubtedly make your night feel that little bit more magical and fulfilling.

Sydney is renowned across Australia for its diverse theatre scene, with plenty of international productions and homegrown fringe shows alike scheduled to play across the entirety of 2022.

You'll even be able to find some big name theatrical productions playing in Sydney throughout winter, so you won't have to worry about missing out on anything if your staycation is scheduled for the city's off season. Although we may argue that Sydney doesn't really have an off season!


As you can see, Sydney isn't regarded to be one of Australia's favourite weekend getaway destinations and casual vacation spots for no reason.

The city has a lot to offer, especially to those who seek to make the most of their time. Putting together a fully fleshed out trip itinerary will absolutely ensure that your time in Sydney will yield plenty of strong memories that you can cherish for years to come.