Plaudits for our best and brightest

STUDYING ancient Rome and global domination are the chief aims of two of Gloucester High’s outstanding achievers in the 2013 HSC.

Lilly Burrows, who received an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 96.45, has already been accepted to study archaeology and history at Sydney University. 

She achieved marks of 98 in Ancient History and 92 in Biology and Modern History and is keen to be a field archaeologist.

“I want to go overseas,” she said.

“Rome interests me. It’s a three year degree but I’m hoping to do Honours which would add an extra year.”

Lilly said she was pleasantly surprised by her results.

“Chemistry was the hardest. I got 79, which I was really happy with considering the way I was feeling before the exam,” she said.

Global domination is the aim of Ashlea Cameron who hopes to study a BA majoring in international relations at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Ashlea received an ATAR of 83.75 with good results in English Extension and Modern History.

“To be honest I’d hoped to do a little better,”’ she said.

A career in international politics is Ashlea’s dream, though she makes no qualms about her desire to take over the world - should the opportunity present itself of course.

She will find out whether her aspirations can become a reality when main round university offers are announced on January 14.

“The degree is a three-year course, but I’m hoping to do a vertical Masters with it which would make it four years,” she said.

Gloucester High principal Pat Cavanagh said he was immensely proud of the school’s HSC achievements. 

Gloucester High students achieved seven Band 6 (or E4 equivalent) results, meaning the students received a mark of 90 or higher.

He said there were 57 Band 5 (or E3 equivalent) results - 80 or higher - and 71 Band 4 results (E2 or equivalent) - 70 or higher. 

Among other top achievers were Jack Wilson (ATAR of 85.35) and Peter Reynolds (ATAR 84.95).

Mr Cavanagh said other students to perform well included Stacey Mitchell, Layne Ross, Kane Snow, Madeline Stokes, Kate Radford and Tori Grady.

He said the school performed outstandingly in subjects including Community and Family Studies; Standard English; Industrial Technology; Modern History; and PD/Health/PE.

“The school is thrilled with these great results,” Mr Cavanagh said. 

“We extend our hardy congratulations to our students for their hard work and join in their celebrations of success.”

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