Making the most out of waste

COUNCIL general manager Danny Green said he was excited about the future of waste management in the shire.

Mr Green has released council’s new draft waste management strategy for community comment and is keen to hear what ratepayers think of council’s 10-year plan for their rubbish.

He said the strategy was all about ‘making the most’ out of the shire’s waste and getting the best benefit possible from waste before it goes to landfill.

“There are so many tools and strategies that council can use to help us maximise the benefits we get from our waste,” he said. 

“This strategy is exciting because it is the first time that council has been able to bring all of these opportunities together in a plan for the future,”

Mr Green said some of the key proposals in the strategy included a major upgrade of the landfill site, and a major emphasis on recycling across the shire. 

“We are also looking at making the fee structure for waste in the shire more equitable and ensure ratepayers pay less for waste to the State government in waste tax,” he said. 

“Being a small rural community presents challenges in terms of our waste management but it also presents opportunities.  

“Rural people can be highly innovative, and we’d love to talk to the community about their ideas for how we all manage our waste.” 

Anyone with something to say about the future of waste in the shire can make a written submission to the general manager. The strategy is on exhibition until Friday, April 4.

Gate fee queried

A GLOUCESTER Shire councillor has questioned whether the introduction of a gate fee at the local landfill would be fair on ratepayers. 

Council’s manager of Environment and Planning Graham Gardener said fees would be looked at when council deliberated on its budget for the next financial year. 

“Residents already pay a waste levy as part of their annual rates for the free use of the tip,” Cr Tony Tersteeg said. 

“To charge people to visit the tip on top of that is double dipping. I would feel much better if there was an increase to the levy.” 

Gloucester is one of the few shires in the State that does not charge its residents to dump waste at the tip. 

Council has also applied for grant funding to purchase a new weigh bridge for the landfill site. 

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