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Tuesday, 28 June

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Tom Melville Laura Carolina Corrigan
What happened to Bendigo's Chinese miners?
Laura Carolina Corrigan
More than 150 people carry the Chinese dragon's during Bendigo's Easter parade. Photo: Glenn Daniels
Farmers and fishers feud over riverside camping in Victoria
Tom Melville Laura Carolina Corrigan
Farmers Judy Cardwell from Mitta Mitta and Belinda Pearce of the Kiewa Valley lead a protest to Melbourne last year over the issue of camping on licensed Crown river frontages. Picture: Mark Jesser
Real Australia
Kim Chappell57m ago
Staffing cut a dead cat to leave on the table
John Hanscombe1hr ago
Real Australia
Lettuce limelight shows disparity
Ashley Walmsley
COSTLY: Lettuce took on near currency status as the price went north of $10 a head after flooding ruined Qld crops earlier this year. But should the public be shocked and surprised by it? Picture: Shutterstock.
Kaylee Greenlee Beal and Ted Hesson42m ago
Homes with a mortgage double in 25 years
Colin Brinsden, Aap Economics and Business Correspondent35m ago
Of the 9.8 million paying off a mortgage, 2.4 million have a weekly income of $4000 or more.
Government extends defence chief term
Maeve Bannister and Andrew Brown15m ago
General Angus Campbell will stay on as Chief of the Australian Defence Force until 2024.