Gloucester Advocate
The Gloucester Advocate is the Gloucester community newspaper, their information source and voice. Our beautiful valley is steeped in culture, history and natural attractions. It has a thriving arts community and is a popular weekend and holiday destination, particularly for visitors from the Hunter.

The Gloucester Advocate is the primary source of local news for the community and has close contact with the people. It also keeps up to date with local events and occasions, providing an information source for visitors.

The Gloucester Advocate was established in 1905 and is published weekly on a Wednesday.

The town of Gloucester sits in the valley formed by the junction of three rivers - the Gloucester, Avon and Barrington - the upper catchment of the Manning River. The Buccan Buccans (Bucketts Mountains) form a spectacular backdrop to the town.
Gloucester is also the gateway to the renowned wilderness destinations of Barrington Tops, Woko National Park and Copeland Tops.