Beau is officer material

GLOUCESTER local Beau Hebblewhite is on his way to becoming an officer in the Australian Regular Army (ARA).

The 19-year-old was officially accepted as a cadet at the Royal Military College in Duntroon last Tuesday in a brief ceremony at Newcastle.

Beau then travelled by bus to the college at Duntroon which will be his home for the next 18 months.

The youngster was one of only a handful of hopefuls from across the country picked for the cadetship, with more than 2000 people applying to the program.

He was appointed into the ARA by Captain Matt Dugan.

The Royal Military College at Duntroon has been training world-class leaders for the Australian Army for more than a century. 

Over the 18-month course, cadets learn the skills necessary to make decisions, think quickly, lead soldiers and become an army officer.

An official swearing in ceremony will take place at Duntroon in early March.

Beau Hebblewhite

Beau Hebblewhite