Farmers rejoice as soaking rain arrives

GLOUCESTER is on target for its wettest August in seven years after drenching rains saw 64mm fall on the town overnight.

The rain finally arrived in Gloucester after months of waiting.

The rain finally arrived in Gloucester after months of waiting.

In the past week Gloucester has received 95.2mm of rain and a total of 117.8mm of rain for the month, well up on the August average of 46.1mm.

Farmers were rejoicing as the long-awaited rains finally started to fill rivers and dams, with the district receiving its first serious falls since March.

Outlying areas also copped their fair share of the precious rain overnight with 77mm falling on Careys Peak in the Barrington Tops, 74mm at Moppy, 44mm at Cobark, 49mm at Upper Bowman, 48mm at Waukivory, 37mm at Craven and 68mm at Bretti.

Before serious rain began falling in the district a week ago, Gloucester had been on track for its driest year since 1994, when 615.4mm was recorded.

The Bureau of Meteorology rainfall data compiled from Gloucester Post Office shows a total of 307.4mm to the end of July, the lowest since 1986 when 303.2mm fell over the same period.

The lowest (complete) annual total for Gloucester is 498.4mm in 1964.

Last summer was the driest ever seen in Gloucester with 81.6mm recorded over the three months from December to February.

Rainfall totals (overnight/past week):

Gloucester - 64mm/95.2mm.

Careys Peak - 77mm/124.8mm.

Cooplacurripa - 58mm/70mm.

Moppy - 74mm/106.6mm.

Cobark - 44mm/66.4mm.

Upper Bowman - 49mm/65.4mm.

Waukivory - 48mm/83.4mm.

Craven - 37mm/58.2mm.

Bretti - 68mm/84.6mm.