Archer in Gloucester at The Fox Den

Archer with his guitar. Picture: Wilk

Archer with his guitar. Picture: Wilk

Old time sing-song man Archer is coming to Gloucester to as part of his tour to mark the release of his new single My Little Sweet Aussie Sweetheart, a beautiful rediscovery of Mike O’Malley’s little known original ballad from the 1950’s. 

My Little Sweet Aussie Sweetheart is a sunburnt rambler and is as refreshingly humble as the man behind the voice that croons it. It’s adeceptively simple tune, but therein lies the charm, a timeless little lovesong that catches in your bones, sung in Archer’s matchless and haunting voice.

The track was lovingly engineered by Alex Bennett (CW Stoneking) and recorded straight to tape, resulting in that perfect lo-fi feel.

Archer was honoured to put his spin on the classic, saying in his measured and thoughtful way, “It feels damn good to bring an old fair dinkum forgotten Australian love song out again. It’s a huggin’ your Grandma kind of a song – livin’ and dyin’ music, somethin’ or nothin’ music.”

He’s thrilled to be hitting the road, saying, “The live shows could well be full of cryin’ and dyin’ and the like, maybe laughin’ and some waltzin’...I will have a couple of different damn fine accordion and fiddle players with me sometimes, some slide guitar, a bit of old style harmonica, and we’ll be all lonesome and alone - but full up on a restless wind.”

Archer has toured extensively across Canada, Australia and New Zealand and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Martha Wainwright, CW Stoneking and more. 

Archer takes the stage at The Fox Den for a free show on April 29.