The Australian Reptile Park welcomes the birth of five healthy dingo puppies

THEY are the dingoes giving the Easter Bilby a run for its money.

Easter has come early at The Australian Reptile Park on the Central Coast in NSW with the birth of five healthy – and adorable – dingo puppies.

The Central Coast zoo announced the out of season births on Tuesday, born to resident dingoes Adina and Fred, arriving nearly two months early.

The pups are expected to be fully reliant on their mother for the next three weeks, but will soon start to frolic and play with each other.

Australian Reptile Park general manager Tim Faulkner said while dingoes were essential to the nation’s ecosystem, they were at risk of extinction.

“As cute as the puppies are, they play a crucial role in raising species awareness,” he said. “Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate on earth due to habitat distribution, agriculture, and most importantly, feral foxes and cats feeding on mammals that are in the critical weight range of five kilos or less.”