Focus on culture

Schools and preschools from around the region came together today to celebrate NAIDOC in a joint fun-filled, educational day at Gloucester Public School (GPS).

Students from were joined by Barrington Public School, Stratford Public School, Gloucester Preschool and Barrington Street Preshool and Long Day Care Centre.

The morning began with an Acknowledgement of Country and a dance that welcomed all the students and invited the teachers to get up and dance along.

After the opening ceremony, the student were divided into four groups in order to take advantage of the session provided by the members of the Koomuri Aboriginal Group, who ran the day.  

During the four rotations, that ran throughout the morning and afternoon, the students were able to get a more intimate session with the organisers.

The rotations included:

  • Didgeridoo and storytelling
  • Artefacts, weaponry, bush survival and history
  • Torres Strait Islander information about culture and traditions
  • Song and dance

Students were invited to ask questions and be actively involved in each of the rotations giving them a chance to learn about different cultures and traditions from the members of the Koomuri group.

They even got a chance to get up and dance, sometimes being very loud and other times being very quite depending on the animals they were pretending to be.