Meet the parkour twins competing for Australia's first Ninja Warrior crown

Like most twins, Brodie and Dylan Pawson share food and finish each other's sentences. 

They're also highly competitive. Which is why, when the pair were approached by Channel Nine with an offer to star in the first ever Australian production of Ninja Warrior, they leapt at the opportunity.

The pair grew up watching Sasuke - the Japanese sports entertainment show that morphed into the hugely popular Ninja Warrior franchise with spinoffs in more than 20 countries. And now that the series is coming to Australia, it's a chance for the twins to bring their sibling rivalry to the national stage. 

"We are competitive," Dylan, 22, admits. "But I would say it's a healthy competition. I will see him [Brodie] training for a certain jump, and if he's done it then I'll have to do that jump. But it goes both ways - if he sees me try something, then he has to do that."

"I'm a bit of crash test dummy," Brodie jokes. "If I can do it, he knows he can."

While the boys admit being a twin does come with its advantages (training together, for example), they're both quick to point out that audiences shouldn't think of their sibling rivalry as a "secret weapon".

"It could be our downfall as well," Brodie said. "What if one of us did super bad on the first bit and fell in? Then [I'd be like], oh crap, we're 99.9 per cent the same. It would make you second guess a lot."

Like its US counterpart, Australian Ninja Warrior will see contestants navigate an increasingly difficult obstacle course. There are moments of brute strength, agility and even a face-plant or two.

Nine chose Brodie and Dylan because of their impressive parkour skills. Originally developed in France, parkour is a sport that involves people moving rapidly through an urban environment and overcoming obstacles by running, jumping and climbing (and yes, the occasional backflip or two). 

There was a point when the Parkour Twins, as they are known online, thought they would never be able to do a flip. But after spending almost half their reasonably short lives training, they're ready to show the rest of Australia what they can do. 

"We're known in the parkour community, but outside of that, the broader community don't know who we are," Dylan said. "The majority of people don't even know we're twins. I guess because our style is pretty similar, people think we're the same person."