Gala day a success

Tea Garden versus Gloucester gala day

Gloucester breeze to a win

Our annual gala day took place on Sunday, July 23, a cool start but under blue skies it was a successful day for The Gloucester Scorpions. Thank you to all the parents for driving your children to Tea Gardens on your Sunday.

Gloucester’s 15s started well from the kick off passing it through the team back to the fullbacks, then starting to attack down the left wing. It wasn't long before Bailey slotted away his first of his hat trick of goals. Tristyn and Hayden were combining well from the full back line to the halves, with Hayden having a very talented opponent on him. Beau made plenty of runs down the left wing, with many shots unfortunately hitting the side of the net. The strength of Dylan in centre back position was helped out by Emily with a very solid game. Lane and Josh both made the Tea Gardens defensive line work hard with some very penetrating runs. Kelly won himself a penalty with a foul inside the box, with one of the best penalties, the ball hammering into the net. Gloucester went into half time with a 4-0 lead. 

Coming out into the second half, Paula in goals, started to get some action with one ball going in out of her reach from a free kick. Joseph made a great individual run to find himself in front of goals and slotted one away into the net. Kayden also proved to be a headache darting around the players to also add to our tally, with a worthy celebration afterwards. Harrison throughout the game found himself in some open space upfront, unlucky not to get one in. James  worked tirelessly in the midfield with Aiden with some great through balls. Beau managed to get one past the keeper late in the second half after numerous one on ones with the keeper to bring the final score 8-1. The whole team worked well together to make sure Gloucester kept the perpetual trophy in their hands, while Emily received player of the match. 

Gloss-Ter CarWash Division 1

The first game of the day was Autolec Gloucester versus Gloucester BlueLight. Sam Ballantyne and Kaito Sutton scored a goal each for BlueLight, Jack Yarnold and Hamish McClure worked well together stopping numerous goal attempts from Autolec. Autolec Gloucester had a good game, with everyone putting in a great effort, Owen Bithrey played well in goals, Aiden Coombes, Cadel Beard and Emily Garnham had great runs with the ball and combined well with Jacob Danton for some great football. Final score 6 – 2 to Autolec.

In the Second game of the day, Accommodation Gloucester took on Hunter Special Vehicles which was a very tight game, both teams played very well with Accommodation Gloucester just not finishing off their goal attempts. Dylan Schultz got off to a flying start with an early goal, Ella Blamires and Amy Shultz showed great defence skills stopping HSV’s numerous breaks. Andrew Hughes and Tyler Cossar did a great job in goal. Jake Moulds and Cameron Badham both had great games and worked well to stop HSV’s unrelentless runs at goal. Baily Ballantyne, Jyah Bowden and James Terras all scored a goal a piece for HSV making for a great game to watch. Final score 3 – 2 to HSV

Barrington Gloucester Pest Control Division 2

The first game of the day was a tightly contested game between Gloucester Farmer’s Market (yellow) and HSV (white). Sam was once again all over the park for yellow, however he was thwarted by the fabulous defence of Adelaide and Dawn. Despite the cold, the kids ran their hardest and tackled cleanly to show a good display of skills. White had several chances but the defence of Claire and Mitch proved too strong. The second half found white flagging a little, with Sam running away with 3 goals for yellow. Final score, 3-0 to GFM.

The second game of the day was between the blues of Autolec (dark blue) and Water and Tipper Hire (light blue). Nicholas worked hard moving the ball up the field for Light blue, but found it difficult to get past the dogged defence of Harvey and Caiden in the midfield and backs for dark blue. Rachel had an outstanding game all over the park for light blue, well supported by Sam. Autolec passed well between their forwards, Sam, Xavier and Beau communicating well to run away with the game, 3-1.

The final game of the day was between Gloucester Bluelight (green) and Lovey’s IGA (red). It was a very tight game, with the defensive players really stepping up and keeping the ball out. Stand out players for green were Darcy and Connor, and Harry, Jackson and Jake the barrier for red. All the kids are working well as a team and should be proud of their camaraderie. Dean and Nicholas scored the 2 goals for red, being well supported by their team. Final score 2-0 to red.

Drifta Fight Hard for a Win 

It was our last home game this week (before the finals kick in) Saturday, July 22 or Drifta 14s, being one of the toughest battles for them yet, and with only one set of fresh legs on their bench, they had little time for a breather. Although Tuncurry Black is one of the toughest teams in the league, Drifta managed to score not once, but twice within the first two minutes after kick off, taking them a little off guard. Kayden, Kelly and Beau showed great teamwork up front, providing the keeper with plenty of action. Score at half time 2-1. 

Soon into the second half, Lane and Josh kept their keeper under pressure, while after a tackle with the opposition, Aiden drilled the ball into the top left of the net. Tristyn, Jack and William worked tirelessly in defence today, along with Harrison. Luckily, Hayden donned on the number one shirt and jumped in goals for the second half, using his height to full advantage saving an absolutely awesome goal, jumping up high and clearing it with his fingertips. Tuncurry scored just before the full time whistle, to bring the full time score to 3-2. Congratulations on a fantastic game today boys. Next week we kick off at 12:10 against Pacific Palms at their home ground, another tough team who are placed 1st on the ladder.