Camping with your mate

Looking for a top place to take your best friend camping?

Well, there is a destination nearby that has been listed in the top five destinations for pet friendly campsites in the State, Riverwood Downs.

But before you go, there are a couple of things you need to know in order to be prepared.

According to veterinarian Dr Rod Sharpin sorting out identification (ID) tags, microchipping and insurance before leaving for your trip is essential.

“Make sure your mobile phone details are registered correctly with your dog’s microchip so that you can be contacted if your pet goes missing,” he suggests.

“Unfamiliar surroundings increase the risk of your dog getting injured, being bitten by an insect or reptile, or eating something by mistake, which makes pet insurance a must,” he says.

“Ticks are common in Australia and are found in dense bush and long grass. A tick bite can make your pet perilously ill, so it’s important that you arrange flea and tick protection at your local vet clinic before you leave, as well as maintain vigilance when you travel.” 

“There are two common species of ticks seen in Australia, the most notable being the paralysis tick.

“Symptoms of tick poisoning include changes to bark, lethargy, vomiting and muscular paralysis, usually starting in the hind legs. In progressed cases, the pet can be unable to stand and struggle to breathe,” Dr. Sharpin explained.

“If you suspect your buddy may have tick poisoning or if you find a tick on your pet, seek veterinary attention immediately.”

Also, ensure your dog avoids drinking stagnant water and keep them away from toxic plants. Visit for information about potentials plants where you’ll be camping.

Nights in the outdoors can become chilly for pets, so keep them warm. Make sure your dog stays rugged up and warm with a jacket, travel bed, warm cushions and blankets.

Take their collar and lead, medications and a supply of food for the duration of the trip, as well as travel food and drink bowls.

Many camping grounds across NSW allow dogs, so long as they’re on a lead.

Ensure you call ahead to get an understanding of any further restrictions.

NSW’s top five spots for camping with your pet are: 

  • 1. Mystery Bay Camp Ground on the South Coast 
  • 2. Coachwood Camping Area in Chinchester State Forest 
  • 3. Riverwood Downs in the foothills of the Barrington Tops National Park
  • 4. Turon Gates campsite in the Blue Mountains 
  • 5. Wollondilly River Station in the Southern Highlands