MidCoast Council election 2017 candidates – Paul Van Drunen

Paul Van Drunen.
Paul Van Drunen.

When was the last time you spoke about the council in glowing terms? How often do you wonder about a decision it makes? 

Do you ever sit back and think – Gee whizz, the council is doing a really good job at spending my money!

The recent amalgamation will deliver a range of efficiencies that weren’t taken into account during the special rate rise.

For example, we don’t need three council chambers to run one council.

So why did council increase the rates before it determined which buildings would be sold off to feed the budget? 

Clearly, it’s time to replace these people. We need councillors who aren’t afraid to speak up for the community, especially when ill-considered proposals are under consideration.

The MidCoast community will have a combined voice of around 90,000 people which will provide opportunities that we have never seen before.

For instance, if we have strong leaders that can use the strength of our new voice, we should be able to secure fairer levels of State and Federal funding.

In order to make the most of these new opportunities, we’ll need forward thinking people who can identify the necessary goals and aspirations.

We need councillors that see the future with broad, long-range horizons, not the myopic view that’s been holding us back.

Importantly, local business plays an extremely important role for the entire community.

We need councillors who understand exactly what’s required to help small business prosper.

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