MidCoast Council election 2017 candidates – Group I

Katheryn Smith is leading Group I in the MidCoast Council election.
Katheryn Smith is leading Group I in the MidCoast Council election.

Team I – Katheryn Smith 

With delight I would like to introduce myself and my team.

My team is 100 per cent independent and committed to the MidCoast Council region.

I am honoured to have the support of my team and we are asking for your help and your number 1 vote to ensure the outlying areas of council have a voice.

I was the youngest councillor ever elected on Gloucester Shire Council and nine years later, I have grown and developed the necessary skills to contribute to the new council.

I believe in a common sense approach and a 'fair go' regardless of where in the region you reside.

We believe the current 'Fees and Charges', especially the waste charges, all need to be reviewed.

Supporting vital programs such as seal extension in the rural areas are a priority on arterial roads.

Council today is more than the original rates, roads and rubbish when councils were originally established.

Councils are now a range of important aspects but fundamentally it’s about gaining and supporting what each community feel is important to their own locality.

This includes children's play equipment, sporting fields, arts and culture, libraries, our indigenous community and the beloved community halls to mention just a few.

Aged Care, Mental Health, Youth, Families and our health system are all important issues for our area that needs support.

Group I, come from diverse backgrounds and are all honest hardworking people.

With great pleasure I introduce my team: Stewart Carruthers, Mydie Keegan, Sandy Kiely, Ron Ingle and Kerry Cowan.

Our team has varied expertise and skill sets and live in different outlying areas to ensure the best representation for the entire community.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am passionate about being your voice for MidCoast Council.

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