MidCoast Council election 2017 candidates – Group H

David West leads Group H into the MidCoast Council election.
David West leads Group H into the MidCoast Council election.

David West’s Group H – Please consider 

This election, and your vote, will be the most important council election this region has ever undertaken to elect 11 councillors whose job it will be to take MidCoast Council forward with purpose.

To build anything of worth requires a solid foundation, a foundation built on experience. This is not a time to take risks with our future.

This new MidCoast Council will require individuals with integrity to serve without hesitation or impediment.  

Our group, Group H, has demonstrated these qualities.

We will listen, we have put community first with in excess of 115 years combined community experience.

Our members also have extensive small business experience together with the following:

  • 36 years elected Local Government representation, 4 ½ years as mayor and 5 ½ years deputy mayor
  • Seven years member on the board of MidCoast Water
  • Lions club presidency,
  • Retired police officer,
  • Executive positions on local school  P and C groups.
  • 33 years fire fighting.
  • Football Mid North Coast Associations

We have the combined ability to build and cement strength and trust in a consultative process which recognises our three areas of Gloucester, Great Lakes and Manning without taking away or changing these communities rights to achieve their individual values and goals.

Not one councillor can promise an outcome. We can however work together to pursue benefits to create employment by enabling and assisting business growth, increased funding to improve our aging road system, build on our ability to generate external income from government sources and, importantly, we believe in the rate pegging process rates should be capped at the CPI.

David West’s Group H is ready to take this new and exciting MidCoast Council forward with vision and direction.

Members of Group H are David West, Jason Ryan, Dan Patch, Paul Murray, Eddie Loftus and George Wilson.

Please on Saturday September 9 vote 1 above the line for David West’s Group H.

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